Envirosys® is a highly cost-effective system, increasing parts lifespan, minimizing shutdowns and enhancing workers safety.

It is also an eco-friendly system which completely eliminates the pollution due to chain oil discharges into the environment.

Cleaner Operations

No more oil spreading on your machinery and much easier handling and refilling process. Thanks to our specially engineered chain greases bags!

Increase your Productivity

Easy to install and operate. Plug and play installation and suitable for all models, types and brands of harvester head and forestry machinery. Fully automated system ensuring optimal lubrication at all time.

Improve Lubrication

Our highly adhesive chain grease and advanced injection control parameters maximize each cut of .404, 3/4" pitch and top saws.

Oils are currently used to lubricate bars, sprockets and cutting chains. Due to its light weight, nearly 80% of that oil is vaporized onto the machinery and into the environment by the centrifugal forces of high-speed rotating saw chains.

Patented in the USA, Canada and Europe and patent-pending in nearly 150 countries, the ENVIROSYS® system is replacing oil used to lubricate the cutting parts of a harvester head with biodegradable or standard chain grease.

Through an ingenious system using an electronic control unit in the cabin, the chain grease is injected under pressure, reaching and protecting the cutting parts up to six times more effectively than with a conventional oil system.

Field tested for over a year by FPInnovations-FERIC (Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada), under all climate and operating conditions relevant to the logging industry, the ENVIROSYS® system not only proved to be reliable and efficient, but also delivered outstanding results.