Performant, Reliable and Fully Automated System

The ENVIROSYS® system consists of a 12 or 24 Volts DC electric pump, electric cables and a reservoir capable of containing about 5.5 kg (approximately 12 lbs) of chain grease.

Envirosys System

An electronic control monitor installed in the cabin is used to oversee and control the chain grease lubrication process while providing useful information to the operator (i.e.: injection parameters, saw #1-2 and feed roller operation, time to refill, etc.)

Advanced Lubricant Technology

S.T.L. Lubrifiants, a company specialized in providing value-added lubrication solutions to the industry, has developed two types of chain grease - highly adhesive standard (mineral) and biodegradable (vegetal) chain greases for both summer and winter conditions.

Envirosys System

The chain grease comes in special cubic bags developed in our laboratories for the sole use of the ENVIROSYS® system. Each cubic bag weighs 3 kg (approximately 6.6 lbs) and is available in boxes of four units each.

Easy to Install and Operate

ENVIROSYS® can be installed on all models, types and brands of harvesters head and forestry machinery within a few hours. Preferably installed near the operator's cabin, our systems allow a quick and safe filling of the reservoir.

Envirosys System

The device is also completely independent from the existing hydraulic systems and can be removed and re-installed if the machinery is upgraded.

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